In the beginning of the 90s, our founder (Maha Guru) came to Belgium and started teaching a Nepali Full Contact Karate style known in Nepal as Buddhakado.

Since the Japanese martial arts were already settled in Europe, Maha Guru thought it would be easier for people to adapt if everything was taught in Japanese. Because of that, the name Buddhakado was changed and was known as Budokai-do (2015).

Budokai-do / Buddhakado has always strived to be an adaptive martial style. In 2002 it was really able to better represent itself within the Full Contact Karate world as a Nepali style when it changed all Japanese terminology into Nepali.

The last and final step waiting to happen was to change back to the original name of the style, Buddhakado.

Now, 2016 we are complete!


BUDDHAKADO is a dynamic full contact style...

Buddhakado is an allround full contact style developed in Nepal and introduced to the rest of the world from Knokke-Heist in Belgium by Maha Guru. 

Buddhakado is a  martial style adapted to cope with real life situations, increasing speed, accurate delivery of kicks and blows, whilst at the same time improving confidence, concentration and inner strength. 

A style that, due to its allround system, is a realistic defensive martial art with techniques that work. Using walking stance as fighting position ensures maximum mobility.

Developed & perfected to avoid head-on confrontations,  focusing more on ducking, avoiding, striking from the side & back and moving in circles and half circles.

In Buddhakado, the goal is to use the opponent's blind spot to maximize the effectiveness of our techniques. 


It covers close combat, groundfight, self-defence, competition, breaking techniques and more...




The aim of the teachings of Buddhakado is to enable anyone, big, small, strong or weak, to defend themselves with a teaching method that allows intensive training without injuries.

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