Michel Devos


Martial Bio

2001 Kick- & Thai-Boxing

Started pretty late with martial arts, but apparently had some talent for it.

Thanks to good guidance, a lot of sparring with advanced fighters ensured fast progression.

Till today, still active in the sport....


2004 Budokai-do

After a seach, found Budokai-do and got into that. Intensive 7 day training under the guidance of Maha Guru, but mostly Sano Guru Brian & mainly by Sano Guru Sander De Sutter.

After a good and active competitive carreer, ordered to stop due to a knee-injury..

Till today still active as Guru / trainer / coach...


2011 Kali Filipono Martial Arts (FMA)

As surplus and weapon skills...​

2013 BLOSO Initiator Risicovechtsporten​

State-certified BLOSO/VTS initiator risicovechtsporten​


2013 BLOSO/VTS Risicovechtsporten

Instructeur B risicovechtsporten (module 1)

Trainer B risicovechtsporten (module 1)


2014 Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

To stay active and to broaden the horizon in regard to groundwork. Had to stop due to lack of time.

2016 Buddhakado

The final progression...  

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